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From My Keys and Quills

Words I've Put Together

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So you've made it. You've found Alina's writing journal, a place for me to store my own writings, more to keep them organized than for anything else. But... if you're here, you might as well take a look around, lemme know what you think. I'm always looking to fix things, change words, make it better.

Oh, and it's a community 'cause that way I can stay logged in as myself and post here all at the same time! I so smart.

And just a note (because I'm a bit OCD about copyright stuffs): this journal is not the origional site of all these works. In other words, I have dated coppies of each poem sitting right here on my desk. This work is mine, mine, mine! All mine!

/credit greed

More to be included here at a later date!